"The Third Video Game" combines elements of two of the earliest video games -- Space War! and PONG.

CONTROLS: Player 1: W/S                                Player 2: UpArrow/DownArrow

The goal of the game is to score 3 points against your opponent. Play against the CPU or against another human!

WATCH OUT FOR THE BLACK HOLE! The Black Hole will show up after 3 seconds, and will grow larger and larger (and stronger!). The ball will be affected by the gravity of the black hole when it's within range -- graze the edge to pick up speed! But watch out, the ball might orbit back towards you at LIGHTSPEED (Just like Kirk and Spock did in that one movie)

Made for T.O.JAM2022 -- All Twogether Now!

Ver 0.3 -- Optimized Web Build
Ver 0.2 -- Added Sounds/Music.



Install instructions

Just download and doubleclick the .exe!

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